Although I live in the glorious Terrace Park, I attend the Mariemont school district, therefor I feel inclined to say a little something about this ‘hood.

Let’s start from the drawing boards, literally. Mariemont is one of the few planned communities in the US, which, if I say so myself, has benefited greatly from this meticulous planning. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but life doesn’t get much better than living in the Mariemont schools’ community. Mary Emery rightfully deserves her title as the “National Exemplar” of planning communities (yes, my assumption is that the restaurant is tied to this).

The property was bought in 1913, and in 1923, the building began. Twenty five of the best architects available at the time came into the town that was made of brick, and left it a town made of marble (or stucco and red brick). It’s a beautiful mix of English Norman and Georgian architecture. Some buildings on the Square sport a Tudor style to them, such as the Mariemont inn. The inn originally served as Mary Tudor’s guest house, but opened to the public in 1926.

My family would’ve gotten the boot if we tried to live here shortly after its founding, due to the fact that I’m Catholic, according to the great historian, Dr. Ted Hall. I don’t know if Mary Emery had something against good morals, or if the general society of the 20’s was truly ignorant, but African Americans and Catholics weren’t allowed in Mariemont (my guess is the latter, it’s okay Mary, I forgive you).

Basically, Mariemont is so awesome because it was planned by the greatest.

Below are some cool photos of Mariemont from simpler times

An original sketch of what Marimeont may look like (circa 1910)

An original sketch of what Marimeont may look like (circa 1910) (

Construction of planned community
Construction of planned community (

Look at those cars!

Look at those cars! (

Inside the theater
Inside the theater (

More recent image of the square

More recent image of the square (


6 responses

  1. yo dawg I can say I live in the hood because a gangster lived in my house

  2. I live in that hood. If you visit you can stay with me.

  3. I would say that if it was near a beach than it could get better.

  4. I like Mariemont too

  5. We should make a beach in Mariemont Square

  6. Ted Hall is no doctor.

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