Annie Oakley

Born in 1860, Phoebe Moses was raised in North Star, Ohio. After growing up in the rural area, she eventually moved down to Cincinnati. She rose to fame as won of the best women sharpshooters, and sharpshooter overall.

She originally starred in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, which was a cowboy themed circus that traveled around annually. Standing at a whopping 5 feet tall, Annie was known to some as “Little Sure Shot.”

Her most famous act was shooting playing cards that were thrown into the air with a .22 caliber, lever action rifle.

Advertisement for Oakley

Advertisement for Oakley

Her career continued into her 60’s, and she eventually died at the age of 66. It is said that in her lifetime, she had taught 15,000 women how to use a gun. She believed that holding a gun should be as natural to women as holding a baby. Maybe not one of the most famous people from Cincinnati, but Annie Oakley was definitely an influential one.


2 responses

  1. I had no idea she was from Cincy! That’s cool.

  2. Cool. Annie. Do you aspire to some of Annie’s talents?

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