Cincinnati Red Stockings

With Opening Day on April 1st for the Cincinnati Reds, I find it only appropriate to write a little about the Redlegs.

1869 Red Stockings

1869 Red Stockings

Founded in 1863, the Cincinnati Red Stockings were finding their way to the professional baseball field. In 1869, they became all-pro. Between 1869 and 1870, the Red Stockings were on an unstoppable 130 game win streak, until their defeat no thanks to the Brooklyn Atlantic’s.

Several years later they shortened their name to just the “Reds” and started playing on Redland Field (Crosley Field). In 1970, Crosley was out dated and the Cinergy-Riverfront stadium was used. In 2003, the modern Great American Ball Park was erected in place of the demolished Riverfront Stadium.

Crosley Field, back in the good ol' days

Crosley Field, back in the good ol’ days

Here’s another fun fact that changed the history of the United States: in 2006, president George W. Bush was the first sitting president to throw the ceremonial first pitch, in none other than Great American Ball Park.

Even though it’s only named Great American after the insurance company that owns it, the Great American Ball Park reflects the American Spirit that is alive and thriving in the greatest city in the world, Cincinnati.


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  1. Who do you play when your the only team in the league?

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