Welcome to Cincinnati

Being my first blog post, I will try my best here. Cincinnati is arguably one of the richest cities in culture and history in the Midwest region. Starting with the Northwest Ordinance in 1787, land between Allegheny Mountains (part of the Appalachian range) and the Mississippi River opened up for settlement.

John Cleves Symmes, a New Jersey man, then made the Miami Purchase, and received the land between the Little Miami and Great Miami Rivers. Thus, Losantiville (soon to be known as Cincinnati) was born.

Losantiville, as silly as it sounds, got its name from combining several words together. It most literally means “The city opposite the mouth of the (licking) river”. The “L” is from “Licking River”, the “os” is Latin for mouth, the “anti” is Greek for opposite, and the “ville” is French for city.

The city was later renamed after the Roman general, Cincinnatus, who is said to have saved Rome, and then returned to his farm life. Not only is Cincinnati connected to Ancient Rome that way, but we are also known for our 7 hills. A very popular one being Mt.Adams.

Fast forward two centuries, and you have modern day Cincinnati. Home of Carew Tower, the Great American building, Duke Energy, the Reds, the Bengals, Union Terminal, the Freedom Center, etc. The list is endless. That’s why I’m doing this blog, because of the rich history and culture of this wonderful city of ours.


6 responses

  1. That’s interesting. I’m excited to hear what you know about Cincinnati that is not very widely known!

  2. Cincinnati sure sounds like a jolly town.

  3. I am a bigger fan of Lexington, but Cincinnati has some pretty cool history!

  4. What a great blend of culture!!

  5. Cincinnati+Majchszak=2 Cool 2 Be 4 Real! Nice first post.

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